Readaholic’s “Ancestry” Blanket-Wrap

Enjoy old-fashioned comfort (and give others something to laugh about when they read the quote).

This is a Thermo plush Blanket-wrap with sleeves and pockets for you to conveniently stash your hands, paperback book, notebook, pencil and munchies.

Comes in two sizes:

  • Adult blanket w/ sleeves and pockets : 180 cm x 137 cm
  • Kids blanket w/ sleeve and pockets : 137 cm x 106 cm

International Shipping available. Click picture for more details.

Cute ARC Excerpt : “Peanut’s POV” from Thea Harrison

The next Elder Races Novella is supposed to be out around November 25th, and having just finished reading this on the author’s site, I wanted to share the excerpt with my fellow readaholics!

–> from Dragos Takes a Holiday

Peanut’s cuteness reminded me of Stalking Hawke and  The Cannibal Princess. *g*

I’ll keep hoping that this new book being self-published, will skip the expletives and explicites so that I can buy a copy for my home library…

FREE : Short Stories from Nalini Singh

Nalini Singh, author of unique fantasy romance books, is offering free Short Stories to Readaholics, to enjoy between formally published books.

All you need to do is subscribe to her newsletter, which is very easy to do.

And while you’re waiting, here are the previous bunch of short shories. (My favourites to-date are : The Cannibal Princess, Stalking Hawke, Wolf School and Star Kissed.)

Have fun, Readaholics !